Elfborn huntress for the House of the First Memory


Taciturn and shy, Willow appears to be the oldest member of the House, though being elfborn and having no memory of her past makes it difficult to pinpoint her exact age. Her dark brown hair is streaked through with grey, and her pale green eyes are constantly shifting about, studying her surroundings. She dresses in muted greens and browns, her thin lips often pressed in consternation, her expressive eyes belying the hyperactive mind her mouth will not. She is small and thin, with a habitual hunch that makes her seem even smaller, and often allows her to go unnoticed in a crowd.


Willow arrived six years ago, brought in as the makeshift haven’s first resident by Khaddas Free. She was a nervous woman, her hands and arms covered in burns from her work as, at least as far as could be surmised, a kitchen slave. Short of word and stature, she spent her days in reclusion, hiding from the demons of her past and the fear of the present. In time she became a talented hunter, keeping back the wolves and displacer beasts that harried the grateful local farmers.

She is often out of the House, spending hours, sometimes days at a time in the dark woods that surround Seven Oaks, hunting prey for her kinsmen and predators that would attack livestock and citizens. While she rarely speaks, her affections for her housemates are clear in her protective gaze… as well as the traps she has laid in the surrounding fields.


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