Aeros scout for the Citywatch


Dennin is a young, wiry Aeros of middling height and average build. His sandy blond hair is shaggy and unkempt, always being swept back from his freckled, long-nosed face and cheerful, too-wide gray-green eyes. He’s most often seen circling the air over Seven Oaks, clad in his Citywatch leathers and carrying a standard-issue shortsword and his trusty crossbow. His wings are broad and white, with a browning pattern along the pinfeathers. For some odd reason, the young scout always seems to be chewing on something, whether it be a strip of jerky, a strand of wheat, or a blade of swampgrass.


Of all the members of the House, Dennin is the most outgoing and willing to engage with outsiders, always ready with a cheerful grin and a firm handshake. He arrived shortly after Thumper, and between Khaddas and his wings, he quickly found employment with the Citywatch as an airborne scout.

Dennin is a skilled aerialist, able to shoot accurately and divestrike with precision from the skies. That he was freed from being a Thrall speaks strongly of the Demolitionists’ skill; a slave this recognizable and valuable cannot have been freed easily.


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