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The Lands of Aniada

One of the great continents of the Worlde Arcane, Aniada has been isolated from the rest of the world ever since the Great Fog descended upon the Vericul Sea that surrounds it. It was this same Event that shrouded the sky and began to warp the nature of the world itself.

The sky is dark now, at best a dim, pallid gray on the rare day that clouds do not dribble or weep.


At the southern tip of Aniada sits The Freeport of Seven Oaks, both a humble community of fishermen, farmers, and lumbermen and a haven for travelers and adventurers wandering the lands.

Follow The Lorimar Road north from Seven Oaks and one finds The Metropolis of Terajin, seated at the heart of the continent. Dark towers stand over shadowy alleys in this ancient city, where the docile Thralls serve the lavish lifestyle of the cruel Lords and Ladies.

To the east of Terajin stands The Zabarzh Collective, a fortified city that guards the Lorimar Road as it crosses The River Uiopa. Once a Daelowsian outpost, Zabarzh has claimed independence since the Ruin, drawing much of its funding from tolling trekkers and merchants who wish to travel between Terajin and Daelows.

The Sovereignty of Daelows is sprawling kingdom centered around its three primary cities. much of its outlying duchies are hazardous to navigate, swarmed by the multitudes of undead that plague both these human lands and those of The Dominion of Churt, the orcish empire to the north.

To the west of Terajin, accessible through the winding roadways and tunnels of the Ehtomer mountains, lies The Bastion of Ehtome-Naom. This great underground fortress houses the majority of the Dwarves and Halflings on Aniada as they struggle to contain the seemingly endless supply of demons that infest the Underneath.


Saghane’s Swamp
The Blackwood
The Okajavo Sandstorms
The Ehtomer Ridges
Colossus’ Rest
The Channyfor
The Western Wastes
Skylding Hall



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