Groundsclearer and gamesmaster for the House.


Thumper clearly has some orcish blood running through his veins; his massive stature and jutting jaw are testament to that. He sports a broad, sprawling beard that he lets Lelyanna style for him, often leaving him with several lopsided braids threaded through with bits of ribbon. Barrel chested and heavily muscled, Thumper would be an imposing figure but for an almost constant grin and cheerful mien.


Thumper came to the House almost three years ago, quickly making a name for himself with the local farmers as an impressive strongman, working hard to remove stumps and clear vines with a powerful focus and determination. Hulking as he is, however, Thumper is of an unusually gentle disposition, never raising his voice or hand in anger. He has a particular passion for games and puzzles, spending hours over a deck of cards or whatever new sculpture puzzle Winter has sent over.


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