A young girl in an unkind world.


Lelyanna is small for her eight summers, with large pale green eyes over the marks all Thralls wear in the corners of their eyes. Curly dirty blonde locks tumble from her crown in an unkempt mass, no matter how many times a day Cynthaea brushes it. She is almost never without Nincy, the ragdoll Khaddas gifted her upon her arrival in Seven Oaks.


The newest addition to the House of the First Memory arrived two months ago in the keep of two road-weary Demolitionists. For all her buoyant spirit and warmhearted glee in her day to day, she is herself a dark portent of things to come. At first, Thralls were violent offenders from Terajin’s prisons, criminals given new purpose through the mysterious ritual involved. Then the city’s slaves underwent the process, followed by the occupants of the asylums and debtor’s prisons. Lelyanna, a mere child, is an indication that the Overseers have given up the illusion of repurposing wayward citizens to swell the numbers of their Thralls.


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