Fergus Hotwort

Proprietor of the Seven Oaks Inn


An unapologetically fat man with a broad chest, a pair of burly arms, and short, stocky legs, Fergus sports a shock of red hair carved into a floppy mohawk and an equally extravagant beard that seems to flow down his chest in braided rivulets. His skin is festooned with scars from his adventuring days, and his booming voice can be heard through doors and floors as he welcomes customers into his Inn.


Fergus Hotwort has always lived in Seven Oaks, first as a mercenary, then a Citywatchman, then as the owner of his family’s inn once his father took ill. He is a robust man in voice and demeanor, unafraid to welcome all kinds under his roof, and just as quick to set them straight if they ever cause any trouble.

Fergus Hotwort

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